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Vital steps to nail care


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Nail care is essential because it reflects your interest in your femininity and your style.

Nail care is not only about clipping, cleaning and trimming, but also includes nail polish in fashionable colors.

Fashion today gives you the freedom to choose whatever colors you like, regardless of your age.

Do not hesitate to experience the colors that your heart desires. The market offers a wide selection of stylish and attractive colors that satisfy all tastes.

However, if you are invited to a wedding, formal dinner or an important job interview, it is best for you to choose a classic color like red and ivory, or as neutral as the other.

As for the nail trim, there is no trend fashion, but different forms can be adopted condition of choosing the appropriate shape for your fingers and nails.

If your nails are thin and long, you can trim your nails as you wish. If your fingers are full, do not trim your nails in a pointed shape, but choose the semi-square shape.

If the surface of your nails is swollen, place your nails in a round shape rather than a square, because the latter fits more flat nails.

Remember, nail care also depends on nutrition and restoration, so nourish your nails with the oils that are used for this when you remove polish.

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