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Top Google Pixel updates can save your life

Google is working on a new Personal Safety app with “car crash detection,” a rogue listing spotted on the Play Store by XDA Developers has seemingly confirmed.

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The Personal Safety app has since been removed, which suggests Google isn’t quite ready to share it yet. Nonetheless, the listing reveals a really interesting insight into what Google is planning for the future.

The software uses the multitude of sensors built into your smartphone, including the accelerometer and microphone, to enable your Google Pixel smartphone to detect a traffic collision.

If your Pixel believes you’ve been involved in a collision, it will loudly sound an alarm. And if there’s no response, it will automatically call the emergency services.

If that sounds familiar at all, it’s likely because Apple uses a very similar system in its Apple Watch Series 4 and Watch Series 5, which boast automatic fall detection. If the smartwatch believes you’ve taken a serious tumble, it will try to rouse you with a notification – and if there’s no response, it will call your local emergency services.

Based on the screenshots shared as part of the Play Store listing, Google Pixel owners will have more than one opportunity to tell the handset that they’re alright and stop the emergency call.

It looks like there will be at least two opportunities. However, as this is unannounced software, it’s possible that will change before the Personal Safety app rolls-out to users worldwide.

According to Google, the Personal Safety uses the current location of your Pixel smartphone, motion sensors to detect any sudden movement, and “ambient audio” from the microphone to figure out if a car crash has taken place. Similarly, Amazon’s Alexa Guard feature listens for the sound of breaking glass when you’re away from home to protect against break-ins.

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