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Sony reveals its new Xperia 1 – A flagship that’s jam-packed full of surprises

Sony’s all-new premium Xperia smartphone is now official and there’s certainly plenty to talk about. This flagship has just been revealed by the Japanese tech giant and the first surprise is its name. Following on from its popular Alpha range of cameras, Sony has decided to call its new phone the Xperia 1 II (that’s mark 2 if you are a little confused).

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We’re now assuming that all future updates across its range of Xperia 1, Xperia 5 and Xperia 10 smartphones will carry this ‘mark’ branding.

That unexpected name isn’t the only surprise news from Sony as the firm is also bringing back the headphone port – yes, that’s right, the jack is back!

This marks a dramatic change as nearly every other manufacturer has now ditched this much-loved way of connecting headphones and it could give the Xperia 1 II an advantage.

Sony has always made a big deal about its audio capabilities and this change, along with it being tuned in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment, clearly shows they are committed to offering the best sound experience possible from a smartphone.

Another big talking point about this new premium device is the inclusion of 5G network technology – a first for Sony.

5G is the future of phones with it bringing downloads that make home broadband look decidedly sluggish.

With the Xperia 1 II getting this technology it now means owners should be able to access the web at speed of over 300Mbps when out and about.

So that’s the main changes coming to the new Xperia but what else does this new device feature?

Fans who buy this phone when it launches in the spring will be treated to a 6.5-inch 4K HDR OLED display which continues with Sony’s recent tradition of offering a 21:9 aspect ratio.

This radical screen is much taller and thinner than its rivals and means you get an improved cinema-style experience when watching movies on the move.

Another improvement to this screen is motion blur reduction technology which Sony says is equivalent to that of a 90Hz display.

This should mean users get a much cleaner image when watching content or scrolling through websites.

If you do love bingeing on Hollywood blockbusters then things are enhanced even further via Dolby Atmos sound which has been tuned in collaboration with the team at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

So that’s the font of the phone but what about what’s on the back?

Spin the Xperia 1 II around and you’ll discover a triple-lens camera incorporating industry-leading Sony Alpha technology.

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