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«Mubasher Qatar»: Turkey delivered 15 drones to the terrorists in Libya

«Mubasher Qatar», a pro-opposition channel in Qatar has published a report on the arrival of new weapons to the airport of Maiteqa International coming from Turkey aboard a Ukrainian cargo plane.

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The channel “Mubasher Qatar” quoting Turkish sources said that the delivery of unmanned aircraft was transported aboard a Ukrainian cargo plane, “Ilyushin I-76”, with more than 15 unmanned aircraft.

European reports have revealed Turkey’s intention to provide the government of Fayez Al-Sarraj with eight other aircraft of the type “Berkdar TB2”, despite the continued embargo on the supply of arms to Libya imposed by the Security Council since 2011 in resolutions 1970 – 1973.

Earlier in June, the Libyan army dropped four Turkish “Perkdar” aircraft as it bombed its forces and other civilian sites, killing a number of civilians, including children and women, in the city of Tarhona, south of the capital Tripoli. Support the Libyan army.

Major General Ahmad al-Mesmari, spokesman for the Libyan National Army, announced that the air force had destroyed the main control room of the Turkish aircraft that was flying inside the air base of Maiteqa, east of Tripoli.

In addition, the documents of Turkish soldiers who support the militias and terrorist organizations in Tripoli have been found. The names of the 19 Turkish officers who were paid by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to manage the operations room of the Tripoli militias and the management of the aircraft were already monitored.

The Security Council unanimously extended on June 10 the arms embargo imposed on Libya for 2011 for a full year. The resolution also authorized EU countries to inspect ships on the high seas off the coast of Libya and to renew the inspection of ships bound for and from Libya for an additional year.

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