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Libyan national army arrests Turkish elements fighting with terrorists in Tripoli

Libyan national army arrests Turkish elements fighting with terrorist militias in Tripoli.

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The Turkish forces were arrested along with the militias and terrorist organizations in Tripoli.

The LNA, led by Marshal Khalifa Hafer, besiege remnants of the armed groups, to figure out Turkey efforts to change the course of the fighting by supporting Sarraj with weapons and mercenaries.

The Turkish elements have recognized that they arrived in Libya with direct instructions from the Turkish intelligence service to fight alongside the militias and in support of Sarraj government.

They added, there are huge amount of Turkish weapons delivered in Libyan ports by direct agreement between Sarraj and Erdogan.

Earlier, Major General Ahmad al-Mesmari, LNA’s spokesman, revealed that it had detected dozens of terrorist fighters that have joined the forces of Fayez al-Sarraj.

al-Mesmari  added that, Abdulhakim al-Salabi is responsible for the organization of the terrorist fighters in Tripoli, he is the one who spent many years in Qatar acting as a coordinator to send arms shipments and Turkish terrorists to support the terrorist militias and the Muslim Brotherhood in Misurata and Tripoli in particular.

According to the confessions of the Turkish elements, Erdogan offers all kinds of support to the militias of Al-Siraj.

In their confessions, they added that the Turkish president was betting on his militants in Libya, using them as a military base in Egypt’s side, and at the same time using them as a wall against all those calling for the unification of Libya and ending the war there.

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