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Fabio Fognini, the Australian Open player, calls Rafael Nadal in shock

Fabio Fognini engaged in an angry rant at Carlos Bernardes during his Australian Open first-round clash against Reilly Opelka as he fumed about not getting the same treatment as world No 1 Rafael Nadal.

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The No 12 seed was unhappy with being given a code violation for throwing his racket and claimed he never wanted the Brazilian to officiate any of his matches.

“I can’t play with a referee who doesn’t give me tranquility,” Fognini fumed in Italian.

“When [Rafael] Nadal asks for it, you [ATP] do it, when Fognini asks for it, you don’t. When His Majesty asks for it, you do it.

“You’re a shame. You’re not fit for this. You can’t give me point penalty for throwing my racket when [Opelka] is saying ‘fk, fk’ all the time.
Bernardes asked Fognini to switch language to English but the 32-year-old responded in his mother tongue: “I pity you.”

Fognini was referencing Nadal’s 2015 request in which he asked for Bernardes to not be named as the umpire for his matches.

Meanwhile, Opelka also lost his temper and launched into an X-rated tired because he felt Fognini was purposely slowing down the speed of play.
Fognini launched a stunning comeback to take the match to a Champiosnhip tiebreak – which he won 10-5.

The Italian is no stranger to controversial outbursts as just last summer he blasted “I wish a bomb would explode on this club” during his Wimbledon defeat to Tennys Sandgren.

He later apologised after being slapped with a minor fine. Fognini said: “If somebody feels offended, I say sorry. No problem.”

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