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Confirm the UK version of Motorola Razr and make iPhone look like a deal

The new Motorola Razr was announced late last year with it causing much excitement for those who owned one of these iconic phones back in 2004. This shiny update still looks very much the same from outside but flip it open and you’ll now be treated to a stunning 6.2” foldable pOLED screen which offers a huge viewing area to binge on a boxset or surf the web.

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As you may have noticed, some of those specs aren’t really that impressive but that’s not stopping Motorola from demanding a seriously high price for the 2020 Razr.

If you want to purchase it on contract, you’ll need to head to an EE store with the UK network currently getting an exclusive deal to stock Motorola’s latest and greatest.

EE says that prices will start from a whopping £99 per month on a 24-month plan with a £50 one-off upfront fee.
EE says that customers not only get access to the UK’s biggest and fastest 4G network, they receive multiple benefits including three months BT Sport app and large screen access, and six months MTV Play subscription.

They can also receive an EE service pack which provides a device lifetime guarantee, as well as an annual device and account MOT.

EE offers unlimited data plans and smart plans too which offer swappable benefits including Amazon Prime Video and extended roaming.

If that price hasn’t put you off then the Razr is available to pre-order from today with it expected to arrive next month.

Express.co.uk was one of the first publications in the world to get our hands on the Razr with us saying, “Motorola’s new Razr is a futuristic foldable phone that’s infused with nostalgia.
“The device looks remarkably familiar to the original Razr that launched back in 2004 but comes packing a raft of contemporary technologies that bring it up to 2019 standards.

“The main Flex View display is a 6.2-inch plastic OLED that looks gorgeous, especially with its 21:9 aspect ratio that makes it incredibly easy to navigate with one hand.

“However, the biggest problem with the new Razr is the fact it doesn’t seem to offer much more than a retro (and admittedly, stupendously fun) design. The device doesn’t come with the latest and greatest specs, both of which are certainly expected for the price.

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