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By Fall, take care of your nails, here are some steps


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Many girls do not notice that by fall they need to make a greater effort in nail care as they tend to claw at this time of the years.

After sunny summer, the nails become dry and then brittle while the body basically tries to change its system to adapt to the winter season.

But to keep your nails healthy, you need to follow some simple steps, the most important is natural baths that give the nails care and moisturizing.

The most prominent natural nail bath is the salt bath, by soaking the hand for 10 minutes in a saline solution using coarse sea salt or table salt.

You can also make a vegetable oil bath for nails, where to pour two tablespoons of vegetable oil on steam, then add a spoon of salt and soak the hand in the mixture of 5 to 10 minutes.

Here comes a bath of olive oil and honey that you get an egg and scramble with a teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil, then put the mixture on steam but make sure that the egg will not be boiled, take the mixture and wash your hands with for 10 minutes then wash hands and apply nourishing hand cream.

It is necessary during the fall to pay attention to healthy food to strengthen the nails, so eat products contain vitamin A,vitamin B, calcium and sulfur.


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