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Azerbaijan Nasimi festival is a melting pot of poetry and spirituality

The festival is a melting pot of events including poetry readings, traditional crafts, music and dance ensembles all united by a message of compassion.

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German author Michael Hess also presented his new book hoping to introduce Nasimi to a modern audience:

“Precisely because we’re in an age where everything gets quicker and faster with all these gadgets and apps, but I imagine that some rappers or modern poetry slammers might be inspired by the way Nasimi is able to condense and beautify complex thought,” Hess explains.

Shamaxa – the birthplace of Nasimi

The city of Shamaxa or Shamakhi – also hosted several events including a presentation of a new sculptural work depicting the poet by Azerbaijani artist Rashad Alakbarov.

The ancient Shirvanshah’s Palace served as a backdrop for the contemporary Ensemble Horizonte from Germany.

“Our ensemble is often interested in combining traditional and modern music we often play old music Bach and Baroque music and medieval music in our concerts to demonstrate some lines of traditions through the centuries, says Jorg-Peter Mittman, the groups’ co-founder and artistic director.

Baku’s Old town

Meanwhile, Baku’s Old town was alive with traditional Azerbaijani music and performances by popular local artists.

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